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.my DOMAIN REGISTRY now supports IDN for Jawi at the Second Level

Habaq mai January 25, 2011

.my DOMAIN REGISTRY now supports Internationalized Domain Name (IDN).

An IDN (also known as multilingual domain name) is a domain name that contains Unicode characters other than the basic 37 ASCII characters permitted to-date (a-z , 0-9 and -). In other words, an IDN may contain letters with diacritics (for example, façade) as required by many European languages or characters drawn from non-Latin scripts such as Jawi / Arabic, Chinese or Tamil.

Are you ready to type the URL in Jawi?

Many countries have started to offer domain names in their local scripts to allow more of their population access the Internet. Amongst the first few countries to deploy top level IDN are Egypt, Saudi Arabia  and United Arab Emirates – all on the 5th May 2010. Even two of our neighboring countries, Thailand and Singapore, have implemented IDN.

For Malaysia, Domain Registry have decided to offer 2nd Level IDNs, starting with Jawi. Chinese and Tamil IDNs are also in the pipeline and will be implemented progressively. For Jawi IDNs, the roll out will be in 3 phases. In the first phase, registration of Jawi IDNs is specifically for government agencies and government educational entities. Registrations start from 24th January 2011 until 30th April 2011. The first phase Jawi IDNs will be free of charge for one year. Government agencies and government educational entities are encouraged to secure their Jawi IDNs as soon as possible.

Existing .my customers will enjoy Jawi IDNs in the second phase, and in the third phase, Jawi IDNs will be opened to the public. Do keep an eye open for the announcements on the second and third phase roll out to secure your own Jawi IDN!

For more information about IDN, do visit at http://www.domainregistry.my/faq.php?id=98.


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One Response to “.my DOMAIN REGISTRY now supports IDN for Jawi at the Second Level”

  1. Cool, so looks like I will be able to grab a Jawi IDN domain in the second phase, since I am an existing .my customer. Always wanted ALIF LAM FAA YAA dot my as a domain 🙂

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